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Splash image medical canabi close up
MedCan logo with a green pharmacy cross and a central, high-quality cannabis plant.

MedCan is a fully indoor medical cannabis cultivation company that is both GACP and GMP-certified. We provide consistent quality pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flowers that are high in THC and rich in other cannabinoids and terpenes.


MedCan is the first South African company to be granted a licence to export high THC cannabis flowers commercially, and the first to export their product into the United Kingdom.



Our mission is to help advance the field of medical cannabis by delivering a highly effective, top-quality product with the utmost levels of purity, consistency, efficiency and transparency. 

Medical cannabis is a fascinating new field that offers phenomenal potential for treating an ever-widening range of medical conditions. But it requires a scientific approach to the plant’s cultivation that is both medically optimized and standardized.

Beyond the medical efficacy, it is also important for us at MedCan to deliver a product with a pleasant, positive user experience in terms of taste, visual appeal, functionality and overall effect. 

Our purpose is to offer exceptionally high-quality medicine that can be regularly accessed by those who will benefit most. 



Offer the greatest medicinal flower

Ensure the highest consistency, purity and potency 

Provide a pleasant and aromatic flavour

Create a positive patient experience

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