Our Facility

Our modern, state of the art fully indoor facility is purpose built to cultivate flowers to the highest international standards - with absolute consistency, and the most stringent controls. All growth variables are precisely controlled and managed 24/7, including the lighting, humidity, temperature, water purity and air flow.


Sterile Operation

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Full protective gear including full body coveralls, shoe covers, hairnets and gloves are worn in the facility at all times.

Shoes are sprayed with a liquid sanitiser aerosol before applying the shoe covers; and hands are washed and sanitised upon entry into the facility.

The comprehensive protection equipment prevents any possible cross-contamination that might occur.

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Environmental Responsibility

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We are committed to an environmentally responsible facility.

All run-off and waste water is recollected, filtered and reused, saving up to 80% of typical fresh water needs for the sector.

We also recycle plastics, containers and other resources after sterilising them.

After each harvest our inert growing medium is donated to a community “eco-therapist” who uses it to grow trees in schools, in public parks and community gardens.

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Certificate of Analysis

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Every plant is monitored and traceable through every phase of its process, from seedling to sale.




Each grow is independently tested by an independent Accredited and Approved laboratory and comes with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis covering all fundamental criteria, including pesticides, heavy metals, terpenes and cannabinoid profiles.

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