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In 2015, the MedCan founders embarked on a transformative journey to revitalise an old beer warehouse, meticulously transforming it into a state-of-the-art, fully indoor medical cannabis facility. 

Our resolute dedication and five years of intensive research culminated in the acquisition of our cultivation licence in 2020, marking a pivotal milestone. However, our relentless pursuit of excellence did not wane. Within a few months of obtaining the licence, MedCan successfully launched its operations, setting the stage for a remarkable journey ahead and more milestones to come.


Attaining full Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, demonstrating MedCan’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in their operations.

Joining the esteemed ranks of the Cannabis Industry Council in the UK, further demonstrating MedCan’s active involvement and commitment to driving positive change in the cannabis industry.

Building a team of exceptional talent.

Pioneering the export of high THC products commercially from South Africa to the United Kingdom, solidifying our position as the first South African cultivator to achieve this significant accomplishment.

Garnering exceptional feedback from patients who have experienced the benefits of MedCan’s products, underscoring the company’s dedication to improving the well-being and satisfaction of their valued customers.

The exceptional achievements of MedCan owe their success to the outstanding team that has been meticulously assembled and nurtured since 2020. Each member of this team has made invaluable contributions, playing a vital role in driving the company’s triumphs. 

Our founders bring a diverse range of expertise from various sectors, boasting impressive backgrounds that include a fifth-generation diamond trader, a specialist in property development, a qualified Responsible Pharmacist, a Legal Counsel with extensive experience in commercial and property law and an entrepreneurial-minded engineer. Their collective experiences and entrepreneurial spirit have laid a solid foundation for MedCan’s growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, the MedCan team comprises exceptional individuals, each possessing remarkable talent and dedication. Among them is a passionate Head of Cultivation, holding a BSc in Botany, whose expertise and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the company’s cultivation practices. Additionally, a highly trained and new Cultivator with natural leadership skills, now able to oversee a team of 15 individuals. The team also includes a Site Engineer, ensuring the efficient operation of our facilities and a skilled Project Manager with experience in both finance and marketing, ensuring successful project execution.


It is through the collective capabilities and remarkable dedication of this exceptional team that MedCan has achieved its remarkable growth and continues to thrive in the industry.

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